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Vision Therapy

Project Eyecare Optometry -  - Primary Eyecare Optometrists with emphasis in Vision Therapy and Myopia Control

Project Eyecare Optometry

Primary Eyecare Optometrists with emphasis in Vision Therapy and Myopia Control located in Mission Viejo, CA

If you or your child struggles with frequent headaches, double vision, or other vision problems, you might benefit from vision therapy. At Project Eyecare Optometry, Vincent Cano, OD, and Connie Tsai, OD, and their eye care team provide vision therapy to strengthen your eyes and the surrounding muscles to increase your vision development. Call Project Eyecare Optometry or make an appointment online today.

Vision Therapy

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is like physical therapy for your eyes. The optometrists at Project Eyecare Optometry create customized vision therapy programs to address issues that cannot be treated with corrective lenses alone. Some of the conditions the team treats with vision therapy include:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • Strabismus (crossed eyes)
  • Double vision
  • Binocular vision problems
  • Focusing disorders
  • Eye movement disorders

Vision therapy can also help with reading and learning disabilities by improving your child’s vision. While vision therapy is primarily offered for children, adults can benefit from vision therapy, too, especially if they have vision problems after a head injury like a concussion.  

What are the signs that my child needs vision therapy?

There are several signs that your child might benefit from vision therapy, but they all might not be apparent. For example, you might notice that your child has a wandering eye or tends to close one of their eyes when they read something. Still, you might not see if they have trouble adjusting their focus from objects at different distances or have difficulty following a moving object. 

Some of the other signs that indicate a vision problem that might benefit from therapy include:

  • Using a finger to follow lines when reading or skipping lines
  • Avoiding close up work or holding reading material close to their face
  • Rubbing their eyes
  • Complaining of headaches
  • Squinting
  • Tilting their head to one side
  • Reversing letters or numbers
  • A short attention span for reading or schoolwork
  • Chronically red or tearing eyes

These behaviors don’t always indicate a problem that needs vision therapy, but if you notice your child doing any of these things, make an appointment to have their vision tested.

What happens during vision therapy?

The team at Project Eyecare Optometry begins with a comprehensive assessment of your child’s visual acuity and eye health. Then, depending on your child’s needs, the optometrists create customized vision therapy programs. Your child has weekly or biweekly appointments that last approximately an hour. Some of the treatments and exercises might include:

  • Eye patches or covers
  • At-home exercises
  • Optical filters
  • Visual-motor-sensory integration
  • Corrective lenses
  • Prism lenses

If you want to know more about vision therapy or have concerns about your child’s eyesight, call Project Eyecare Optometry or make an appointment online today.