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As an athlete, you need excellent vision to improve your hand-eye coordination and understand where your teammates and opponents are on the field. Vincent Cano, OD, and Connie Tsai, OD, and their eye care team at Project Eyecare Optometry, offer expert sports vision services, including assessments, corrective lenses, and vision therapy, to optimize your visual skills for your sport. Call Project Eyecare Optometry or schedule a consultation online today to find out how the team can help you enhance your athletic performance.

Sports Vision

What is sports vision?

You might not think about vision as part of your athletic prowess. However, as an athlete, your eyes need to do more than see numbers and letters clearly. You need optimal vision for hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and tracking moving objects.

The team of eye care specialists at Project Eyecare Optometry provides specialized sports vision testing and treatment to ensure you have optimal vision for your specific sport. They can help you improve your golf swing or batting average, or make you more competitive overall. 

Additionally, the team has experience treating sports-related eye injuries to preserve your eye and your vision.

What types of eye tests are included in sports vision assessments?

The team at Project Eyecare Optometry uses a variety of tests to assess athletes’ vision. They often begin with a standard visual acuity test using a Snellen eye chart. They often find undiagnosed refractive errors in young athletes that could interfere with their athletic performance. 

Other sports vision tests include:

  • Contrast sensitivity 
  • Eye-tracking
  • Ocular alignment
  • Eye dominance
  • Depth perception
  • Visual processing speed
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Eye teaming

These tests provide comprehensive details about your vision and how it contributes to your athletic performance. For example, if you play hockey, football, or soccer, your ability to track a moving object and anticipate its movements is critical to your performance.

How can an eye doctor help me improve my athletic performance?

If your optometrist identifies a visual weakness, they offer treatments to correct and improve your vision. For example, you might need a different prescription for your sports glasses or contact lenses for optimal vision. Alternatively, if you need to improve your visual tracking, depth perception, or hand-eye coordination, they offer visual therapy to address your specific needs.

What are the benefits of sports vision services?

Working with an optometrist who specializes in sports vision helps you improve your vision, which enhances your athletic performance. It can address unknown weaknesses that prevent you from reaching your optimal performance and increase your competitive edge. 

If you’re interested in sports vision services, call Project Eyecare Optometry or make an appointment online today.